Frequently Asked Questions

What is it about?

Kurenai is a software project that aims at creating an open framework for entering, editing, and working with music notation. Besides offering the basic framework for rapid implementation or prototyping of innovative ideas in the field of music software, the project researches clever ways to automate the processes involved in the creation or edition of music notations. In this project, the overall ambition is to disrupt the current paradigms by bringing into music notation some innovations that touch both user interface and workflow aspects. Examples of these innovations are the detection of (quasi) repetitive patterns in the notation and the seamless integration of the user's experience, knwoledge and preferences into the software program so as to offer them more effective work sessions.

Is the project open sourced?

No, the project is not an open-source software project and it never will, at least not in the current state of affairs. However, the framework will be open, meaning that it will be reusable by other people than the initiators – free of charge – and all useful documentation will be provided.

How can I get involved?

When you want to devote some of your time to this project, please first read the Help Wanted page to know about the skills that we are seeking. Then, if you think you could be a good fit for some of the needs, contact us and we'll be glad to hear from you. You can also get involved in a less demanding way by sharing your thoughts in a comment or by answering surveys.

Who writes this?

What you read on this website is written by me, Amenel Voglozin, whether it be in French or in English. There's no translation involved. I write in both languages – usually in English first then in my native French – in such a way that a reader who can read both languages would gather different pieces of information from each version of a single page. In case you feel the English text isn't up to par with decent English, I'm the one to blame – and please, let me know of any errors you find.